In November of last year, black San Jose State University student Donald Williams Jr. accused his four white roommates of hate crimes. Four months later and Williams is now suing the school for looking the other way while he was allegedly tormented him with racial epithets, Nazi and Confederate propaganda and physical abuse.

Williams accused his four roommates of calling him "three-fifths," which they switched to "Fraction" when Williams protested the derogatory term. In addition to the verbal abuse, they also wrote racial slurs on the communal dry-erase board.In another incident, his roommates allegedly wrestled him to the ground and shackled his neck with a bicycle U-lock. All four students have been charged with misdemeanor battery charges and a hate crime enhancement that could land them each up to a year in jail.

The lawsuit, filed by Beverly Hills attorney Carl Douglas, states that Williams had to endure, "intentional, malicious, offensive, and racist assaults, batteries and humiliation by several of his fellow suite-mates." It also alleges breach of contract on the school's part, negligence and violations of the Equal Housing Act. University President Mohammad Quayoumi, resident assistant Charles May and several other University employees are named in the complaint.

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