Your Britta water filter, if I may, is vile. Little back specks. Green algae forming around the bottom. The plastic-ness of it all. Gross. Which is why San Franciscan and innovator Mike Del Ponte went about to create a minimal, sleeker water carafe and filter. And what a beauty it is. It's called Soma (not to be confused with the neighborhood) and it does more than just clean your drinking water.

Soma formed a partnership with charity: water to provide clean and safe drinking water worldwide (i.e., for the "the 'bottom billion' who live in slums and impoverished rural areas and survive without access to safe drinking water"). And seeing as how tomorrow, March 22, is World Wide Water Day, this might be the perfect time to change that nasty thing you call a water filter.

"When we first started to design the Soma carafe we absolutely knew we had to make it from glass," Ponte tells SFist. "Anything else would have been a compromise we were not willing to make."

If you buy Soma this week, which you really should because it's downright gorgeous, they'll donate an extra $5 to charity: water. The carafe and filters (100% compostable, by the way) come to your door.

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