Back in the day, comedians were known to roam the city's landscape offering golden nuggets of wisdom in between fart jokes. Some comedians even made big-time names fir themselves. Luckily, buried like tulip bulbs among the self-proclaimed "coffee snobs," Glass Explorers, and other assorted dominate gobbledegook, a few remain. What I'm getting at is that on Tuesday a smattering of local comedy talent came together to perform at the SF Board of Supervisors’ Land Use and Economic Development Committee meeting on Monday. And the results were brilliant.

Uptown Almanac's Jackson West was there to capture it all. "Nato Green spoke on behalf of fellow small-time landlords, along with comedian renters Kate Willet, Matt Lieb, Nicole Calasich, Juan Medina and Sean Keane," he reports.

West also caught footage of the set, which you should watch at once. Entertaining, fun, thoughtful, and I hope we get to see more. (Calasich in particular is a standout, while Lieb sports a hoodie in a perfectly pointed techie parody.) Behold: