For those of you ardent fans of cult favorite, critically raved-about, Outer Sunset restaurant Outerlands, it's been a very impatient couple of months. They closed for renovations after the new year in order to complete their promised expansion into the next-door space, which was supposed to be done this month, but, alas, it's not. They're now promising an April reopening, but the news today is that it will be without Chron Rising Star chef Brett Cooper, who kind of put the place on the map in the last three years.

As Inside Scoop reports, Cooper is in search of a job after owners Dave Muller and Lana Porcello have amicably parted with him. It seems they want to "simplify" things, menu-wise, harkening back to the first incarnation of the restaurant before Cooper arrived out of the kitchen at Saison back in 2010/2011. Though, Muller promises, "the next incarnation of Outerlands will continue to embrace similar attitudes when it comes to the ingredient-driven food, the farmer relationships, and the flavors."

The brunch, of course, has been a big draw all along with hours-long waits, complete with Muller's fresh-baked bread and cocktails, and the relaunch of the restaurant is likely to begin with lunch, brunch, and bar bites only, with dinner to follow. A new chef is still TBA.

In the good news department, Outerlands will be taking reservations after reopening, and there will be more tables. Hoorah. Stay tuned for an opening date announcement.

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