An 18-year-old man was arrested for allegedly biting off part of his infant son's nose because the child would not stop crying, police said Thursday.

Police in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Fairfield arrested Joshua Cooper Thursday morning after a call from an Alaska Avenue apartment building from what spokesperson Sergeant Troy Oviatt described as a "hysterical female."

Oviatt says officers arrived at the apartment at around 8 AM, where they discovered a 1-month-old infant "bleeding from the face."

"A number of other family members were also present," Oviatt said, including the child's 17-year-old mother, who police say might have been the person who called police to the residence.

After officers learned that Cooper had allegedly bitten the baby’s nose because he was frustrated at the child’s crying, he was arrested.

The child is presently in stable condition at Children’s Hospital Oakland, where doctors say that child has lost one-third of his nose, and has also suffered a skull fracture and a brain hemorrhage, in perhaps another incident of abuse, Oviatt said.

The investigation into how and when the baby sustained the skull fracture and brain hemorrhage continues, Oviatt says. Until then, Cooper is being held on suspicion of child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.