ABC7's Dan Noyes has produced what could possibly be the most fascinating/depressing story yet on a San Francisco parklet. The neighbors of Tutubi Plaza (located at Russ and Minna near Sixth Street) have started a petition to remove the parklet because it's not attracting the right kind of people. Noyes visited the plaza, noted in 2011 for its gorgeous mural, as well as the fact that the city spent $100,000 on it, and came across quite a scene — namely, someone suffering from addiction who, understandably, wasn't in the mood to be filmed.

One morning, Noyes watched neighbor Ken Hornby's dogs get scared by a Tutubi Plaza regular nicknamed "Needles." Then, he takes out syringes and starts to use them. Hornby has warned Needles before to stay out of the area, and tries again.

Bruce Hornby: "You need to go, you need to go."
Needles: "Son of a bitch, I'm going to tear your whole head off. Are you ready, son, to win like you're in a f__in' boxing match?"
Noyes: "Go away, no, no, no."

To calm the situation, Noyes told Hornby to take off, but Needles continued to rage.

"Now, I'm going to tear your ass off, you're on private property now," he said.

Anyway, according to area residents, scenes like this are common at Tutubi Plaza. Unlike other successful city parklets, this SoMa mini-park has turned into playground for drug use, drug sales, public sex, and other unseemly behavior, according to ABC7. Tutubi Plaza regular James Simms tells Noyes, "There's meth, pot, crack or whatever it is, it's a little stopping ground or whatever, you know what I'm saying?"

The full report:

Also, there's a petition to get the thing removed.