As a food term, the word "program" (as in "cocktail program" or "charcuterie program") is annoying and, as a matter of style, should be abolished from food writing forever. However, when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, we can forgive anything. Behold: the Alembic's cocktail/Girl Scout cookie program.

There are only five options here (sorry, fans of Thank U Berry Munch) but they've got all the classics covered: Shortbread cookies get a bourbon drink with a vanilla and rhubarb shrub. While Samoas get a rum and Cocchi drink to match the coconut and caramel that makes them indisputably the best cookie.

At $13 apiece, they hit the unfortunately standard price point for nice cocktails in San Francisco circa 2014, and they come with a couple of the corresponding cookies. Extra cookies cost 50 cents apiece, which should teach you some restraint before you plow through a whole sleeve. The full menu:


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