Kiss another hour you could have spent sleeping, watching TV, or doin' it goodbye! Daylight Saving Time kicks in this Sunday, which means an hour of your day will disappear in an instant.

At 2 AM on Sunday, March 9, almost all of the country will spring forward an hour, making the correct time in their zone 3 AM. It feels almost quaint to say "set your alarm clock forward" since Travelodge declared it dead all the way back in 2008. But we're sure some of you have watches or microwave clocks or something?

The time change means you've likely been shorted an hour of sleep. Researchers say they've found links between this sudden DST-based change in your sleep pattern to increased heart attacks, headaches, workplace injuries, car accidents, and "increased cyberloafing."

Not even kidding about that last one! "Global productivity losses from a spike in employee cyberloafing are potentially staggering," the folks responsible for the study wrote in the Journal of Applied Psychology. But we're sure that that doesn't apply to SFist readers. Carry on!