"We still have some pretty epic companies here who have had IPOs and aren't giving—and aren't part of this and won't join. And entrepreneurs who don't believe in this. This is not all easy. There is a dark side here. We get a guy on the phone, and he will say, 'No. No. That's not for us. We're not doing this." [Marc Benioff, to the SF Chronicle]

Today, Salesforce founder Marc Benioff is announcing SF Gives, an initiative to raise $10 million from local tech companies to benefit 45 Bay Area antipoverty programs. Benioff, a SF native, says he hopes to eventually expand the effort to generate $100 million for locals in need.

Benioff says that, in conjunction with Tipping Point, a local nonprofit, they've already managed to raise $5 million. However, in a Chron piece today, Benioff expresses frustration with (disappointingly, not by name) the tech companies that refuse to, "add value through philanthropy."

"You can't just take from our city," Benioff said. "You can't just come here from another city, another state, another country, start a company, take advantage of all of our resources - and then leave with all of your money that you created." However, if Benioff is to be believed, it looks like you actually can.