After years of talk, noted Bay Area coffee purveyor Blue Bottle Coffee will release a packaged version of its New Orleans Iced Coffee in Whole Foods stores starting this month. Unlike the bottled versions the Oakland-based roaster has been toying with for awhile, the final product comes in an adorable little milk carton that will definitely remind you of so many elementary school lunches.

Similar to the chilled coffee you can find at Blue Bottle outposts, the pre-made version is a mix of coffee, roasted chicory cane sugar and Clover milk, and carries all the necessary organic labels you'd expect from a Bay Area product. The coffee is actually brewed at Fort Point Brewing Company in the Presidio and then packaged at Clover's facilities in Petaluma.

The 10.66-ounce cartons debuted today at a natural foods expo in Anaheim and will start showing up at Northern California Whole Foods stores later this month. As Blue Bottle CEO James Freeman tells Eater, the product will be in all West Coast Whole Foods stores next month and in New York stores in May. Once Blue Bottle takes over Whole Foods, the plan is to make easy-carrying four packs and maybe a larger carton so you can share with your coffee klatch on hot days.