Where are you watching the Oscars? Probably at home in something cozy, if you're smart. But should you find the willpower to venture out this weekend, here are two options for watching them in public with fellow diehard Hollywood buffs.

For the indoor types, the Balboa Theatre in the Outer Richmond will be hosting their annual Academy Awards viewing party, emceed by Reed Kirk Rahlmann, who has the dubious honor of being listed on the IMDB page for Howard the Duck, which is widely regarded as one of the worst films of all time. Here's what Rahlmann had to say about the event:

Once again it is time for the Balboa Theater Oscar party! And once again I have the honor of hosting. I have opinions about the nominees (Gravity? Best Picture? Really?) and I’m sure you do too. And I want to hear them! I also want to hear about your Tenuous Oscar Connections. Do you work with someone who saw Judy Dench at Starbucks? Know someone who was Joaquin Phoenix’s orthodontist? Tell the story—there’s a prize in it for you. Do you have a favorite film that no one else has heard of? Share it with the audience. And costumes are always encouraged. So don’t sit home and watch. Come share the experience of the movies as they should be experienced—at a theater filled with Oscar fans. Hope to see you there.

The event has been known to sell out, but there are still tickets available here. $10 for grownups and $7.50 for those on the older and younger ends of the age spectrum.

Meanwhile, across town in SoMa, the StrEat food truck corral and beer garden will also be rolling out the red carpet. The TVs will be tuned to the pre-show red carpet for all your cheering and/orjudging purposes, there's an Oscar pool, free popcorn and, of course, food from seven different vendors including The Melt, Lil Burma and Frozen Kuhsterd. It all starts at 2:30 pm for the good seats. More info can be found on the Facebook Event here.