Eater has word that Esta Noche, noted Latino gay bar smack on 16th Street, will close its doors for good. Despite trying to raise funds to stay in business, as well as a cameo in HBO's Looking, the fiesta must now come to an end.

The space will be taken over by the folks at Wish Bar and Lounge. As for Noche remaining a gay bar, that's not going to happen (see: Brass Tacks, Emperor Norton's Boozeland). Alas. But when was the last time you went to Esta Noche? Exactly. Anyway.

As Eater goes on to note: "The new owners plan to take over the bar next week and run it as is for a few months, so fans of Esta Noche will have time to say goodbye. After that, they'll close for a renovation and are targeting an opening date somewhere in late summer or early fall."

Bar program, lounge vibe TK.