The already blessed citizenry of eastern SoMa score yet another choice burger to cram down their throats, this one from the Umami Burger on King Street. The Caprese Burger, billed as SoMa's very own burger, boasts Umami's beef patty, basil almond pesto, heirloom tomatoes, burrata cheese, an arugula/basil blend, and a balsamic truffle reduction. (Though at times out of style, the truffle is and will forever remain wondrous.) You can grab it starting today for $15.

The Caprese Burger also joins other noted burger homes in the area — e.g., Marlowe (whose burger was ranked the best in SF by Michael Bauer), Nova (whose burger was ranked the best in SF by your SFist editor's roommate), and Public House (grass-fed beef burger, avocado, bacon and Grafton Cheddar Cheese), just to name a few.

Granted, Umami has more than one location, a form of kryptonite to the pretentious foodie sect, which all the more reason to check out the place.

Umami Burger: 242 King (between Fourth and Third Streets), 415-904-8626