When we say "techie*," what mental images appear? Big shuttle buses? $4 toast? Glassholes? Well now, according to one SF club, you might want to add "guns" to that list.

San Francisco's Pacific Rod and Gun Club, San Francisco's only outdoor gun range, has been fighting to remain in their digs at the southwestern shore of Lake Merced. Nearly evicted after contentious negotiations with the SF PUC in 2012, continued concerns over how to clean up years of discarded bullets and clay pigeons containing toxic chemicals leaves the club at risk of eviction at the end of 2014, a club spokesperson told KCBS

According to a Chron report from 2012, San Francisco expects the club to spend around $10.5 million to repair the environmental damage caused between the club's founding in 1928 and when they stopped using the toxic materials in 1994. As recently as last month, the club said that they were still trying to work out the cleanup plan.

But all is not doom and gloom at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club! Their membership has apparently hit a recent high, because they say "younger tech workers (are) getting into the sport of shooting."

KCBS even quotes former Google staffer Chris Cheng, who apparently liked shooting guns so much he quit the local tech monolith to become a professional marksman. Because that is a job.

“I remember a lot of my colleagues became interested in shooting because they wanted to have a physical, tactile experience as a compliment to their online, where they are working on computer all day long,” Cheng told KCBS.

Yup. That hacker, maker, coder type sitting next to you at the coffee shop might be super into guns. Just something to think about.