Is the Bay Area congested, racist, incestuous, and overpriced? That's what one of Google's current developer advocates believes, which is why he is leaving the company.

Well-known coder, entrepreneur, and all around tech brainiac Tim Bray made this announcement on his blog Thursday, saying that he'd be leaving Google as of March 17.

"It’s an amicable separation in the face of irreconcilable differences," Bray wrote. "I wouldn’t move to California and Google wouldn’t open a Vancouver office."

Bray said that even after four years of generously paid, "super-interesting" work, he "was never really tempted" to move here from his current home in Canada, due to the Bay Area's congestion, racism, sibling-fucking, and priciness.

Re/code's Nellie Bowles took this to mean that "even developers are getting fed up with the number of developers in San Francisco," implying that, perhaps, the expensive bigots crowding up the place (and french kissing their brothers, or whatever) Bray's referring to are his "other tech workers." This is an intriguing take! Well played, Bowles.

One could, perhaps, try to convince Bray that his assessment of the Bay Area is inaccurate, as many of the commenters on his post did. However, if Bray did then decide to move to the Bay Area, that actually would make it a bit more congested, no? Maybe it's best to just leave him be.

[Tim Bray]