Call it click bait. Say that SFist is trying to rile you up. But this cafe/deli's sign, smack on Market and Sixth, is in poor taste. Crazy? No, not really. But tone deaf for sure. Certainly not a great way for a business to ingratiate itself into the changing area, into a neighborhood where residents who suffer from addiction and alcoholism are routinely shamed and demonized by outsiders.

That said, Machine Coffee & Deli, a 20-month-old cafe — replete with reclaimed wood, craft coffee, makers during lunch hour, and all that jazz — is a great spot. Like Show Dogs and the soon-to-be-shuttered Pearl's Deluxe Burger, they're helping revive the area. They should probably change their sign.

UPDATE: The cafe responds.

[Initially reported by Uptown Almanac]