Last Friday was quite a night for professional recycler Jeff Girard. According to Oakland police, he began his evening with “a lot of alcoholic beverages," and ended it trying—and failing—to dismember his roommate, whom he had just killed with an axe.

According to KTVU/BCN, 69-year-old Carol Wilson was found dead in the Oakland home she shared with Girard at around 11 on Saturday morning. Her body, according to court documents, had suffered “mutilation and mayhem.”

OPD Officer Nicholas Calonge says that 43-year-old Girard confessed to the crime, admitting that he got drunk, blacked out, hit Wilson with a pick-axe, tried to chop her up (with the same pick-axe, perhaps*), gave up on that, and had a friend call the cops.

He was charged with murder this week, and will return to Alameda County Court on Tuesday. In the meantime, he remains in Santa Rita Jail without bail.

*And, alas, we can only wonder about this and other details, because when SFist called the Oakland Police Department's Media Relations Office during their business hours, we got a voicemail response saying that their mailbox is full and incapable of taking messages.