Writer Mike Sizemore's done a lot since he edited then-SFist-sister site Londonist (yes, we used to have a Londonist!). Most recently, he's paired with Amy Berg (Person of Interest, Eureka, Leverage) on Caper, a super hero comedy heist series from Geek & Sundry, the production company helmed by self-proclaimed "Geek Goddess" Felicia Day.

It's a nifty and entertaining little treat of a show (I'm not just saying that because Mike and I have been pals for nearly a decade), one that made me wish Berg and Sizemore were running (yikes, loud auto-play) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SFist grabbed Mike on IM for a few questions on why he thinks you should watch his show.

So tell us why San Franciscans should watch, or will like, Caper. Don't do that modest shit, I have no patience with it.

There's a bridge in it? We don't destroy San Francisco at the end?


I'll save that for season 2. I did write a Captain San Francisco character, but he didn't make the cut this time, I'm afraid.

Was he gay?

It's a modern superhero story — everyone is gay. Or they will be by the time the fans finish shipping them.

One of the main characters is an out of work journalist turned blogger. That's gotta land in your comfort zone. He's also the sweetheart, of course. [Eve Batey: In episode one, the narrator says that the character Mike's talking about here, played by Glee's Harry Shum, Jr., "was a journalist, the only job that pays worse that crime fighting. Now he's a blogger, gets paid in page views and sarcastic comments." OUCH.]

What else will resonate in the Bay Area? Well one of the bad guys is a tech mogul who the general public think is a hero but in reality is an asshole.


Ha Ha. The writing is so layered I often forget just how many levels it works on.

In addition to Shum, Caper stars Justified's Abby Miller, Hartley Sawyer (in a pretty devastating Thor take-off), and Leverage's Beth Riesgraf. The first two episodes dropped on Hulu and YouTube this week, the next seven will show up every Wednesday.

Check out episode one: