Last night the Super Bowl was a dud. The game. The halftime show. All of it. At least according to what I read on Twitter in lieu of watching the actual game itself. (Some San Franciscans, still sore about losing the NFC Championship Game, eschewed the annual football brouhaha.) According to the social media company, there were more than 24.9 million Tweets during the live telecast of the game, beating out last year's SB numbers (which included a blackout at halftime, an exciting game, and Beyonce) at 24.1 million Tweets.

Here are the biggest moments of Twitter conversation (measured in Tweets per minute, or TPM) during last night's game:

- @Percy_Harvin 87 yard kickoff return for a TD to open 3rd quarter (8:32pm EST): 381,605 TPM
- Jermaine Kearse (@chopchop_15) 23-yard TD pass From Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) with 3:11 remaining in 3rd quarter (9:03pm EST): 271,775 TPM
- Malcolm Smith (@MalcSmitty) 69-yard interception return with 3:36 remaining in 2nd quarter (7:39pm EST): 244,889 TPM
- End of halftime show featuring @BrunoMars and @ChiliPeppers (8:23pm EST): 229,533 TPM
- "Give it Away Now" by @ChiliPeppers featuring @BrunoMars (8:18pm EST): 215,540 TPM

Most Mentioned players on Twitter during game telecast:

- Percy Harvin (@Percy_Harvin)
- Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25)
- Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson)

- Peyton Manning (who's too good, but clearly not good enough, to have a Twitter account)
- Eric Decker (@EricDecker87)
- Wes Welker (@WesWelker)

Some celebrity chatter:

And finally, here's Patrick Stewart doing a one-arm pushup while sporting a Seahawks jersey: