Another story out of ever more burglarized Oakland: A would-be burglar busted down the door of an elderly woman's home in Oakland's Dimond District Tuesday morning and, upon seeing the woman at home, shot her in the shoulder.

This all happened at 10:30 a.m. on the 4100 block of Laguna Avenue, and neighbors tell CBS 5, "We get a lot of [door] kick-ins in the neighborhood... They come up from the flats into the hills cause they know it’s an easy target."

Oakland Police tell ABC 7 that they're seeing more instances of younger robbery suspects who are carrying out more brazen, and in this case, more violent crimes. In the case of 81-year-old Beverley Concannon, it seems to be only luck that saved her from a fatal injury, and the suspect fled the scene without even stealing anything. The bullet went through the wall of Concannon's house and hit her neighbor's house, but he wasn't exactly filled with compassion.

Here's this, from her jerk neighbor, Garrick Chinn: "I'm sorry that it happened to her, but I'm fortunate that it didn't happen at my house." Yeah, Garrick, that's kind of how tragedy works, huh.

Police also say that in these parts of east and south Oakland, neighbors tend to be more isolated from each other, whereas in North Oakland there's a stronger Neighborhood Watch and more looking out for each other. Sadly, Ms. Concannon has lived in her house next to two of the same neighbors for over 40 years, but they told ABC7 they "didn't know her that well."

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