If you're everyone else in town, you're watching the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, but the photographers of the Associated Press are watching it from much closer. Here's a gallery of those photos, which we'll be updating throughout the game along with additional commentary.

At the half, San Francisco leads Seattle 10-3. Hoping to become known for more than just his choice in pants, Coach Harbaugh was reportedly flirting with immortality. We worried he might strain his neck:

According to the statistics machines at ESPN, three of Colin Kaepernick's five worst games were in Seattle. He had a meager 17 yards at the half. On the other hand, here's a gif of Russell Wilson getting slammed by the Niners defense.

Macklemore, who is Seattle's most famous white guy radio voice since Fraiser Crane, played the halftime show with oft-forgotten companion Ryan Lewis. There's no ceiling at CenturyLink Field, so they couldn't be held anyway.

Right back from the half, Marshawn Lynch — a former Cal running back from Oakland who also goes by the name of "Beast Mode" — tied the game with a 40-yard touchdown run. Kaepernick responded with a long ball that found Anquan Boldin far down field and square in the end zone. 17-13 San Francisco.

It's 41 degrees in Seattle tonight, but Seattle superfan and former bodybuilder Tim Froemke was out in character as the Seahulk, as he has been all season:

Niners defensive superstar NaVorro Bowman was out of the game in the fourth quarter, after stripping the ball from Seattle's Jermaine Kearse. Bowman's leg bent in some unnatural ways and had to be carted off the field. The Seahawks picked up three more points on a field goal to make it 23-17.

On a last-chance drive for the Niners, Kaepernick's pass for Crabtree was broken up by Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman and caught by Malcom Smith to pretty much end the season. Oh well, we'll always have Colin Kaepernick NSFW.