Earlier today, in front of the Safeway at Church and Market Streets, a cab driver nearly drove down the stairs into the busy intersection. Although there were reportedly no casualties other than the cabbie's bruised ego, the scene was documented by Lyft driver Freddie D.

In related news, an off-duty Lyft driver was caught on camera earlier this week getting into an altercation with a pedestrian after he parked illegally in a crosswalk and in front of a fire hydrant.

The president of the local Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association responded by comparing that incident to the death of Sophia Liu on New Year's Eve: "The actions of the Lyft driver who allegedly assaulted a pedestrian," president Robert Werth wrote in a statement "—like the tragic death of six-year-old Sophia Liu—once again underscore the need for Transportation Network Companies (apps providing taxi service that does not meet taxi-safety standards) to be held accountable in order to protect the San Francisco public." Werth goes on:

"In both of these alleged events, the [Transportation Network Company] drivers were supposedly between fares. This ‘between-fares’ defense ignores the fact that ‘between fares’ is part of the business. This defense should be against public policy as it leaves drivers and innocent bystanders vulnerable to TNC evasion of responsibility. Drivers for legitimate taxi companies are held accountable for their actions during their entire shifts. The San Francisco public deserves the same level of protection from TNC drivers roaming the streets.”

Brace yourselves, folks. San Francisco's next gang war is armed with hybrid taxi cabs and smartphone apps.

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