Under the bridge downtown, a new food-truck lounge will open on Thursday to serve hungry worker bees and passersby all day. Concocted by a gaggle of self-declared foodies, G Food Truck Lounge, located under the I-80 overpass in SOMA, promises to bring the best food trucks in the city, around 30 in rotation, to one locale. And its aim to serve busy professional tech employees — possibly just like you.

"G Food brings a lounge-room experience for high tech professionals, employees of start-ups and passersby looking for economical meals from diverse international cuisines," beams the G Food Truck Lounge press release. "Guests enjoy a perfect place to relax before, during or after a grueling work day. The tastefully decorated space with ergonomic seating accommodates 100+ diners served by up to 5 food trucks from around 30 trucks in rotation."

Alok Dutt, co-founder of G Food Truck Lounge, says, "We have created a shared space where SoMa's high-tech community can socialize with friends and enjoy a sense of community. We believe the G Food Lounge sharing experience will become a popular way to connect, interact and engage."

And if you think I will snark on the G Lounge, think again, bub. Why, it's located a few yards from the SFist headquarters. We plan on hitting it and hitting it hard tomorrow. After reading a few samples from tomorrow's menu, how could we? Check it: Tender Pork Belly with Turmeric Pickled Daikon & Green Shiso from the Chairman Truck, Chorizo Breakfast Burrito from Naked Chorizo, and Strawberry Chocolate Whipped Cream from some other truck. And seeing as how the neighborhood has turned into an artisan-food hub for busy tech workers — $11 chocolate-caramel bar, anyone? — G Food Lounge will fit in nicely.

You can also order online for delivery. Wi-Fi, beer and wine are coming soon. G Food Lounge can also be reserved for corporate and private events. Just be careful after the sun goes down. It gets nutty here in Eastern SOMA come nightfall.

G Food Lounge SF is located at 431 2nd Street between Bryant and Harrison.