I wasn't around for HBO's big premiere event for the new show Looking at the Castro Theatre last night, and it's totally because I want to have the experience of watching the show on a real TV just like the rest of America on Sunday, and not because I wasn't invited. Because part of me would have wanted to meet Jonathan Groff, and, like, tell him how talented he is, but I was pretty busy with more important stuff last night, so...

As creator Michael Lannan recently said in a new interview, the show focuses primarily on the journey of Patrick, Groff's video game designer character, and his discoveries about love and the possibilities of contemporary gay relationships. "He begins the show with the idea that you can either have sex in the woods or settle down and get married. As the show goes on, he realizes that those aren’t the only two choices — that there’s this whole world of options."

Because yes, obviously, most San Francisco couples also go in for sex in the woods on occasion. Or sex in the back of a bar at Folsom Street Fair.

Anyway, here's the various evidence of the hoopla, via our social media. Looking has it's broadcast premiere on Sunday, January 19, at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

Also of note, SF Bay Guardian's Marke B.'s review. And in case you missed it, here's the full trailer.

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