Well, would you look at this. A photo captured by Twitter user David Bellona, himself a designer at Twitter, is making the rounds for its perfect evocation of San Francisco's much-ballyhooed incipient class war. Posted with the pithy "current status of SF," the photo juxtaposes a man with a cardboard sign that reads "HUNGRY," sitting outside a Porsche 911 Carrera S with the vanity license plate reading "DRUNK."

Sure, it looks like it could be photoshopped, but SF Citizen tracked the car down and yes, it does exist. The car is named Sally Carrera, and and she and her owner do not care what you think of them: "I realize many people feel this says bad things about me. I feel that says bad things about them." Jason Weisberger of Muir Beach is the owner of the car (and the publisher of Boingboing): SF Citizen reports that there may be an unpaid ticket for blocking a street sweeper in the mix as well.

Perfect approximation of San Francisco's social climate or just a typical evening commute? You decide.

[h/t SF Weekly]
[SF Citizen]