After a particularly naked 2013, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system will see even more pantsless people this Sunday, when whimsical local transit riders don their most playful underoos and take part in the local edition of Improv Everywhere's annual No Pants Subway ride.

The details for 2014's event haven't quite been finalized yet, but the Facebook Event page promises updates shortly. If it is anything at all like the last few years, then you can expect pantsless Muni and BART riders to convene on a downtown station before strolling the surface streets, flaunting their cartoon undies on their way to a public park. Once everyone experiences the thrill/chill of a pants-free life, they all put their bottoms back on and disperse to the provinces from whence they came.

Temperatures this weekend look rather agreeable, especially compared to the rest of the frozen country. Those instilled with the spirit of the Niners Faithful may also want to go out and purchase some Colin Kaepernick-inspired drawers before Sunday's playoff game against the Panthers. In the meantime, keep an eye on the official Facebook page or @NOpantsSF on Twitter for more updates.

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