It's been a banner year for the San Francisco Zoo. First Jillian the tiger cub pounced into our lives, then all 5-feet and 10-inches of Erin the giraffe swept us off our feet. Later, five new Magellanic penguins waddled into our hearts, a baby gorilla started aping for the cameras, and we learned all about the endangered cuteness of Chacoan Peccary pups. Next on the baby animal advent calendar: the baby gorilla's first public debut and a minuscule marsupial that should pop out of momma wallaby's pouch any day now.

Here's the mother red-necked wallaby carrying around her little holiday bundle of joy, which no one, including her keepers, has even seen yet:

Meanwhile, the currently unnamed but very photogenic baby Gorilla will finally be viewable to the public starting this Saturday, December 21st. The little girl has been transitioning into the care of her six-member troop where 33-year-old female Bawang has stepped up to serve as her surrogate mother. (Bawang, astute Zoo members might remember, also served as a surrogate for five-year-old Hasani a few years back.) During her debut this Friday, the Zoo will also announce the girl's name, chosen from either: Malaika, which means "heavenly messenger" in Swahili; Kenura, which means "joy" in Kikuyu; or Kabibe, which means "little lady" in Swahili. All of which are too cute for words.

Speaking of too cute, those peccary pups we learned about are back and one month older than when we last said hello. As Zoo spokeswoman Abbie Tuller tells SFist, they've had their first check-up and we now know there are three boys and three girls.

We will, of course, be back with more once the little Joey pops its head out.

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