The families of six men who've gone missing from the streets of San Francisco in recent years are gathering for another candlelight vigil tonight to keep attention on these unsolved cases. The most recent case, that of 22-year-old Paulo Netto, remains unsolved after the Brazil native disappeared following a frantic call to his sister on October 28.

The other five cases, referred to as The California Five and which we discussed following a similar vigil in September, have been missing for periods ranging from seven months to three years. They are 19-year-old Sean Sidi, who was suffering from a brain injury and went missing on May 21 of this year; Shawn Dickerson, a 24-year-old missing since 2011; Cameron Remmer, a bipolar 31-year-old who went missing after checking out of his hotel on a business trip in S.F. in October, 2011; and Jackson Miller, a 23-year-old who disappeared here in May 2010. It is not believed that any of these cases are related, but the families of the victims have joined forces as their loved ones remain unfound.

Tonight's vigil will be at 7 p.m. on the Polk Street steps of City Hall. It's being dubbed a "vigil of hope." Organizers are also including in the event a commemoration of the life of Derrick Shao, the 20-year-old City College student who went briefly missing last month before his body washed up in San Leandro.

Anyone with any information pertaining to any of these cases is asked to call the SFPD at 415-553-1361.

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