Yikes. Here we go: Haighteration has word that someone living at Oak and Divisadero — three blocks from Ida B Wells High School and five blocks away from John Muir Elementary — has taken to allegedly exposing his penis to passersby. He allegedly performs the feat from inside an apartment, in between the slats of the a picture window's closed blinds.

Reader "Elizabeth" writes:

"Something creepy has been happening...next to the car wash at Oak and Divis. The unit has a large picture window with drawn blinds, and there is a man inside who likes to wait for people to walk by, at which point he sticks his penis between the slats and wiggles it.

"The first time this happened was a couple of months ago, and I thought it was an anomaly. However, it happened again this past Sunday, which makes me think he’s doing it regularly.

"What’s extra unsettling is that he seems to wait until women walk by. I’ve stood to the side as men have passed- no peekaboo action. But if there’s a woman walking by herself or with another woman, out comes his little friend."

What should you do if you come across such a scene? Call 911 SFPD's non-emergency line at 415-553-0123, of course. This is in violation of Penal Code 314. SFist talked to SFPD spokesman Officer Albie Esparza who explained, "If someone is exposing themselves to a passerby, they need to call the police. This person should not be out in the public doing such activity."

And if you think flashing your dick to an unsuspecting public is kosher since you're doing it from the comfort of your living room, think again. Esparza goes on to explain, "The key word [in Penal Code 314] is "willfully and lewdly." If a person is merely walking around the house nude and the windows are open, it's not criminal. If a person willfully and lewdly does it in a malicious way, that's where it changes."