Bay Area ride sharing service Lyft has apparently hit the mainstream, attracting the notice of late night's Conan O'Brien, who enlisted pint-sized comedian Kevin Hart and the multi-talented Ice Cube to assemble on a Los Angeles street corner and test out the app.

What follows loosely approximates most of our experiences with Lyft, including stops at the liquor store and a Wendy's drive-through as well as awkward conversations with the group's Lyft driver du jour, Anthony, who plays the situation off pretty well considering. Along the way, Ice Cube campaigns repeatedly for a weed stop, Kevin Hart asks, "What's with the mustache, homie?" and Conan is just really, really white. Observe:

Ice Cube: "Is this your own personal car? How do you feel about people getting in and ... just funking it up?"
Conan: "Have you ever had to hose the interior of the car down afterwards?"
Anthony: "There was one time where one gentleman vomited in the car, so I did have to ..."
Conan: "Who's sitting in that seat?"
"You are, sir."

Classic Lyft.