Hit-and-runs are mystifying in their awfulness, and this one is no exception. At about 6pm on Tuesday night, two pedestrians were struck by a black sedan in the crosswalk in front of the Randall Museum. According to a Craigslist posting put up by friends in search of a more information, "a black sedan was going down the hill towards them, appeared to slow down, but then sped up and hit both pedestrians in the crosswalk." The vehicle then sped from the scene of the accident.

The victims were Charlotte (age 26) and David (appox age 26-29), who spent the night in the emergency room at SF General with a litany of injuries, which in Charlotte's case include a broken hand and collarbone, a head wound requiring internal stitches and over 20 staples, a concussion, and a neck fracture. David also suffered a head wound and probable multiple fractures.

Without more details, it's impossible to speculate about the driver and their motives to flee the scene. But if you have any further information about the accident, please contact the friends of the victims. And as always, stay safe out there San Francisco.