As the city comes down from the high of the year, The Chronicle's City Hall watchdog duo Matier & Ross have dug into what Miles' wish cost the city of San Francisco. According to their sources the price tag on the event totaled a cool $105,000.

Per Matier and Ross, those funds will come from fees paid to the city for conferences at the Moscone Center like the Dreamforce event which is currently snarling traffic and hogging up all the cabs in SoMa. It happens to be the same pot of funds that comes from slimy Oracle Open World attendees and pays for other citywide events like the yearly Fourth of July fireworks show. KRON4 reports that the Bay Area Make-A-Wish is also raising funds to help pay back the bill.

According to San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, all of the officers who helped coordinate traffic as Miles zipped around the city in the Batmobile were all on regular duty — meaning no one was clocking in overtime hours. "All we did was move them around from one part of the city to another," Suhr told the Chronicle, "like we do with any number of events during the year." Same goes for the Department of Public Works employees who cleaned up after an estimated 14,500 people showed up to watch Miles be honored in Civic Center.

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