The revered Food writers at The Chronicle are some of the best the country has to offer. From Michael Bauer to Jon Bonné to Paolo Lucchesi, just to name a few, they stand as the scribes you should be reading (next to SFist, of course) when it comes to things you cram in your belly. It only makes sense that they answer readers' Thanksgiving dinner questions via Twitter.

This festive social media Q&A also comes on the heels of a damning NYT piece claiming that, among other things, the Hearst publication plans to kill off its Food section, and replace it with something new, something possibly called "Artisan." For the paper's part, The Chronicle denied the article's reporting, accusing the Grey Lady of having its pants on fire.

Acting as company PR person, the paper's managing editor, Audrey Cooper, in a curiously breezy interview with SF Magazine, went so far as to say that the Food staff was simply too busy "working through the holiday" to worry about job security and/or drastic changes to the paper. She North Koreaingly adds, "If [the Food writers] were totally morose, they wouldn't want to work on Thanksgiving."

Anyway, what are your most pressing Thanksgiving holiday questions for the noted Food staff? We have a few...

- How much sage is too much sage for cornbread stuffing? #chroncooks

- Why did you guys go to the NY Times with your complaints about how the paper is being run? #chroncooks

- What did you think of that interview managing editor Audrey Cooper gave to SF Magazine's Sara Deseran? #chroncooks

- If the chronically reputable New York Times is wrong, why haven't they issued an official correction? #chroncooks

- Why does your boss think you guys are afraid to "innovate?" Does that hurt your feelings? #chroncooks

- During her brief tenure, what exactly did non-journalist and former Chronicle president Joanne Bradford have against recipes and expert food coverage? And why? #chroncooks

- What's up with this Facebook page, Save the San Francisco Chronicle Food Section, created by media guru Sam Singer? #chroncooks

- What goes best with roast turkey: Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc? #chroncooks