The small but staunch cadre of local nudists held perhaps their final nude-in of the year on Sunday (what with the weather and all) in the Castro's Jane Warner Plaza, i.e. Ground Zero of the San Francisco Nude Freedom fight. Several news sources have covered the event, which featured a lengthy speech by vocal 44-year-old public-access broadcaster and stalwart nudist Gypsy Taub, which according to the Chron, "had to be interrupted [three times] so the streetcar could make its turn to begin the run."

A big part of the speech was a public announcement of her engagement and planned marriage to 20-year-old Jaymz Smith, who appeared naked by her side and who received his very first citation from S.F. police on Sunday as a result. Taub and Smith met in Montana this past August at the Rainbow Gathering, and plan to marry in the nude on the steps of City Hall on December 19.

Taub was permitted to deliver her full talk, interrupted only by the occasional passing motorists yelling "Put some fucking clothes on!"

The Chron's profile reveals a few new things we didn't know about the Berkeley-based Taub, including the fact that she was once a stripper in Boston, she was born in Russia, and she styles herself a "Russian-style revolutionary." Thus she's badass enough to strip naked at the Board of Supervisors' meetings. She hosts the Saturday night public access show My Naked Truth, which can be found on Channel 29 via some providers.

Also, Taub has a 13-year-old daughter and two other children whom she brought along to Sunday's nude-in. She doesn't make them get naked, thankfully. (The Chron reporter actually asked the daughter why, and she said, "Uh, I don't want to.") We believe the reluctant daughter can be seen here, on the right, holding a sign with her mom at an earlier nude event.

Earlier this year, Taub and two other activists were tried in San Francisco court and fined under the new anti-nudity legislation sponsored by Supervisor Scott Wiener. As at previous protests on other bodies, Taub wrote the words, "War is obscene, not my body" on the torso of her fiance on Sunday, and both wore hats proclaiming "RECALL WIENER."