Another video has come to light that shows the original subject of the alleged police brutality we were learning about that took place Friday at the Valencia Gardens complex. The video begins earlier than the previous one, and shows 21-year-old D'Paris "DJ" Williams being held on the sidewalk by police and moaning loudly. He's then picked up and moved to a squad car and his face appears injured.

You can then see some of the inciting incident with the shorter, gray-t-shirted man with the beard who is later forcibly detained by police and also gets carted away with a bloody face. In this video you can see him agitatedly confronting police and a female, plain-clothed officer with a ponytail can be heard yelling back, "Back up," and then "Are you threatening police officers? Keep threatening police officers!"

The video still does not show us how Williams' arrest unfolded. Supposedly surveillance footage belonging to the housing authority will help clear this up.

SFist has reached out to the SFPD for comment but has not received a response. A police spokesman earlier told ABC 7 that plainclothed narcotics officers forcibly arrested Williams after he tried to flee into a residence when they were trying to issue a citation for his riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. They say they were only using reasonable force, however Williams ended up with a broken jaw, and was armed with nothing but a Hostess cupcake and a Capri Sun.

Other reports include the fact that Williams' sister came out of her home with her fourth-month-old baby telling officers to stop beating her brother, and that officers forcibly pushed her.

Altercations then ensued with other residents and witnesses, and three more arrests were made, as the videos show.

A protest is now planned tonight, and ANSWER SF has gotten involved, as they're wont to do with all things protest-related and anti-police. It's supposed to happen at 5 p.m. either at Mission Station or Valencia Gardens.

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