A funny little thing's been making the rounds today of TwitPics that Martha Stewart's been tweeting out over the last year, and how the grand mistress of all things beautiful and good manages to shoot the ugliest food photos an iPhone is capable of making.

For instance, this iceberg wedge with Russian dressing that she seems to have made for herself.

Ever hear of "no flash" when it comes to food photos, Martha? Or couldn't you have one of your staff get you a fancy filter for that thing or something? Seriously.

Look at this atrocity, shot at a restaurant in New York. Does she think anyone wants to look at her dinner plate when it looks this fucking disgusting?


Or this blurry mess. Worse than Michael Bauer's iPhone artistry!

And now it looks like Ms. Stewart was in San Francisco over the weekend, and she dined at Atelier Crenn attended a James Beard Foundation event on Friday night in New York and had one of chef Dominique Crenn's dishes. Here's proof: A relatively OK photo but still one where the flash renders Crenn's 'Land and Sea' dish looking about as colorful as baby puke and dishwater. (Also, she may have been a few glasses of wine into the evening because she has some spelling issues with Crenn's name.) Note the fan responses.


Martha herself, or her publicist, issued this quiet defense today...