4505 Meats chef and butcher Ryan Farr has for several years been doing made-to-order turduckens for those who want to offer the combination stunt-meat to their Thanksgiving guests, but don't want to go through the pain of deboning three birds. (A turducken, in case you somehow have never heard, is a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey, or a duck inside a chicken in a turkey depending on how big your birds are.) This year, The Bold Italic commissioned 4505 to create this turducken-ish terrine/loaf thing that contains all your standard Thanksgiving sides in a single slice.

It's called Thanksgiving Sides en Croute.

You've got your cranberry sauce, your mashed potatoes, your Brussels sprouts, your stuffing, even your yams and marshmallows — though we don't get how the marshmallow ended up on top of the cranberry in this construction. It's all wrapped in a carved out loaf of bread and baked, and we're sure it's quite delicious, though unless you were planning to have your Thanksgiving on the run, picnic style, in the back of a camper, with limited servingwear and storage, we're not sure why one would need to do this. (You actually don't have to. You can order one here and pick it up at 4505's shop at 1909 Mission Street during Thanksgiving week.)

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