We all know that computers run the Muni Metro system when it's underground, right? Well, there's still room for human error! And an incident this morning on the K line proved that.

This all happened around 10:15 a.m. this morning on an outbound KT-Ingleside, as the Chron is reporting. The Muni operator noticed a problem with one of the train doors failing to shut, and he exited his compartment to go out on the platform to fix it. The trouble is, he appears to have forgotten to set the emergency brake, and perhaps forgot that the machines were running the show. Once he'd properly closed the broken door, the computer thought everything was fine and the train started rolling toward Forest Hill station.

Luckily not everyone was playing Candy Crush at that moment, and someone shouted that the driver was still out on the platform. A passenger then managed to hit the emergency brake, and a mechanic eventually came and rescued the train from the tunnel about 15 minutes later.

Would anyone have gotten hurt or would anything have gone wrong if they had just let the train go to the next stop? Anyhow, we're sure everyone was panicked, and thankfully no one got hurt.

This brings to mind the time we were on a Muni train that started moving with a woman's scarf stuck in the door as she terrifyingly ran alongside screaming for the driver to stop. The driver did stop the train in a few seconds, however as other passengers started giving him shit for not doing the one thing he's responsible for doing aboard an automated train, he just yelled back at them, "The computer did it!"