The war on women continues unabated, with KNBR being the most recent apologist of anti-female sentiment. Damon Bruce, if you recall, went on a horrific tirade demonstrating his hatred toward women last week. He was suspended, but now he's back. Because dudes. Because sports. Because of course. Because gross.

Bay Area Sports Guy reports, "According a source I spoke to and another one from KRON, Damon Bruce will be back on the air at his regular time tomorrow. However, he will no longer be on KNBR’s 49ers pregame show."

Rich Lieberman goes on to confirm Bruce's return, noting, "The move...was confirmed to me by Bruce himself via text. 'I'm back on the air tomorrow,' (Tuesday), said a clearly relieved Bruce."

Also, for what it's worth, he now wants your forgiveness.

On Friday, Bruce unfurled a verbal manifesto against women in sports journalism. Among the golden nuggets of turd that poured forth from his mouth? Let's see: "A lot of sports has lost its way, and I'm gonna tell you, part of the reason is because we've got women giving us directions." Also he told women to "go write a restaurant column. Go write a housekeeping column. Get out of the world of sports." And then he barfed out a bucket of other dangerous, inaccurate bile.

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