Nema, the luxury high rise building currently leasing $2,500 studios, the same one with its very own parody Twitter account and grating neighborhood name, has put out a casting call for "lifestyle models" to appear in a promotional video for the new address at Market and Tenth Streets.

The video shoot, which happens tomorrow according to the casting call posted on, is looking for men and women aged 25-40 of all ethnicities. That is pretty broad, sure, but in case it was unclear what kind of tenants the building is hoping to attract, the description of the role spells it out (emphasis, ours):

Models: (Lead) upscale, classy, chic, sexy, urban, stylish and clean; classic look, no visible tattoos or piercings; will bring about 3 changes of wardrobe in neutral and warm colors (beige, taupe, brown, sagey green or blue or black and white); think Banana Republic or JCrew (with maybe a bit of higher fashion); chilly, so sweaters, leather jackets, suede, cool shoes all welcome. Note: Women will be required to do their own hair and makeup.

Models, you need to look like you live full time in a 4 star luxury resort-like high-rise. We will create scenes in which you will be walking through a lobby, speaking with a concierge, talking on a cell phone, interacting with an iPad or laptop, laughing and talking with a friend, reading a newspaper, sipping coffee, riding an elevator, playing billiards, working out in gym, sitting by fire pit, (one of you) diving into pool.

The non-union gig pays a cool 50 bucks for the opportunity to at least appear like you can afford living in a building that boasts amenities like a fitness center, a 24/7 concierge, and an on-site spa.


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