There's been a glut of burger joints around the Bay the last couple years. Whether we all collectively have just said "f@%k it" to our Paleo diets and training programs and embraced the beauty of the all-American treat, or whether the cheeseburger is simply the most perfect food known to man and will always provide a good business model, is up for debate. Regardless, burgers are still the rage, and we have some all-important news regarding four local and/or new burger concerns.

First up, burger-adoring Missionites will be sad to learn that KronnerBurger, the one-year-old pop-up in the annex bar at Bruno's is wrapping up its run on November 22. Former Bar Tartine chef Chris Kronner has been filling the stomachs of fans with his tasty burgers six nights a week, with plans to open possibly two (or more) locations elsewhere, starting with one in Oakland that is still in process (address TBA). Your last chance to taste one of his "rare, salty" patties comes before Thanksgiving, so get yourself over there. And do not miss the poutine with beef-cheek gravy. 2379 Mission Street

Next, just last week we saw the opening of the Bay Area's fourth Umami Burger on King Street in SoMa (the former Burger Joint location). The L.A.-based, upscale chain first opened on Union Street in 2012, following with a second location on Franklin Street in Oakland, one in Palo Alto, and they have plans for a possible Mission location, as well. 242 King Street

Just a month ago, Denver-based Smash Burger, the vaguely healthy, semi-upscale chain, opened its third Bay Area location in the Potrero Center plaza next to Safeway, after debuting in Mill Valley and Novato earlier this year. As we reported then, the company was noted by Forbes in 2011 as "America’s Most Promising Company," in part because they had opened over 200 locations in just six short years, in 30 states. And the name comes from their practice of "smashing" a meatball into a patty on the grill. Check it out if you get the chance, and are in the neighborhood. 2300 16th Street

And lastly, Gott's Roadside, the local mini-chain formerly known as Taylor's Automatic Refresher, has just opened their third location down in Palo Alto. [SF Weekly]

So, yes, on top of Super Duper, Pearl's Deluxe Burgers, Roam Artisan Burgers, TrueBurger in Oakland, and all the rest, you now can push the limits of your waistline at the above, and likely look forward to more temptations to come. The upscaling of fast food shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Beef-cheek poutine, anyone?