UPDATE: A fire occurred at the residential building where Maverick is located. Both the restaurant and residents were affected by the blaze. We'll update as soon as we know more.

Here's an excellent alternative to gnawing on your 8930787 fun size Baby Ruth for the night. Maverick will host their bi-annual Mystery Night Dinner on All Hallow's Eve. Reasons to go? Let's list them:

- It's at Maverick, expertly steered by co-owner and executive chef Scott Youkilis (Hogs & Rocks/Maverick).

- No menus, no hints, and no food theme. You eat whatever's put before you.

- Diners will randomly choose a three-course dinner. Points are earned by identifying ingredients and grape varietals, and the highest score at each table wins a bottle of wine. (Scoring example: 5 points for potato, 10 points for fingerling potato, etc.)

- Best of all, you can earn bonus points if you come dressed as your favorite celebrity chef, food writer, or restaurant critic. (We recommend going as either Anton Ego or Paolo Lucchesi.)

Reservations are required. Dinner $45 (wine pairings $20 extra).

Maverick: 3316 17th Street (at Mission), S.F.; 415-863-3061