Well, how about that. D3 Supervisor David Chiu finally—finally!—tied the proverbial knot on Saturday and married his special friend Candace Chen. Delightful. The two got hitched at a private ceremony at Calvary Presbyterian Church.

Chen, a public interest lawyer and third generation San Franciscan, donned a gorgeous wedding gown: a strapped number tinged with diaphanous billow. Definitely brings out (even further) the loud sartorial gay inside. Well done, Candace.

Regarding the nuptials, the 43-year-old BOS leader told City Insider, "Candace and I are incredibly happy to celebrate most amazing moment in our lives." Cue the church bells and white doves.

Back in 2011, Chiu rankled leaders in the progressive sect after he used his swing vote to elect a then-little known City Administrator as Mayor of San Francisco. Chiu's progressive party fumble prompted Chris Daly, a former D6 Supervisor, to famously quip, "After this vote, I will politically haunt you. It's on like Donkey Kong."