Les Violons Du Roy, a Canadian chamber orchestra that tours all over the world named after the band that use to entertain the French kings, will visit Berkeley's Herz Hall, hosted by Cal Performances, on Sunday afternoon. Les Violons du Roy are an hybrid, performing Baroque pieces mostly, in the musical performing style of that era, but with modern instruments. So the sound is both authentic, and loud enough to fill up a big barn. They will be joined by Stephanie Blythe, a superstar mezzo-soprano whose schedule is filled with dates at the Met. Including the Ring Cycle, no less.

Les Violons du Roy were created in Quebec City in 1984 by Bernard Labadie, a conductor who was just here recently leading the SF Symphony. We spoke to Labadie on Thursday to chat about the peculiar performing style of his orchestra (Labadie is Quebecois, this interview is translated from the French).