Because every good idea that we had in the first dotcom boom will inevitably make a comeback: here is a webcam aimed directly at the chalkboard wait list of noted Mission district pizza parlor Pizzeria Delfina.

Reminding diners and web voyeurs alike that the restaurant only seats complete parties, the chalkboard has been surprisingly slow on this sunny Friday, when the weather is just right for an outdoor lunch on 18th Street's gourmet corridor. There's really not much more to the gimmick here: you can download an app to check in on the line from your phone, if that's the sort of thing you need to be carrying around in your pocket all the time. Otherwise, you can virtually poke your head in the door right here.

For anyone wondering about Delfina's Fillmore location: they're also getting a webcam that should launch early next week. If you're looking for something cuter to stare at while you waste away the afternoon at your desk, there's always the Cal Academy Penguin Cam.

[Dropcam] h/t [Eater]