Another cyclist met with a fatal collision this morning, and this time the other vehicle involved was a Muni bus in the chaotic vicinity of Bryant and Division Streets. The incident happened around 8:40 this morning, and nearby streets are now closed off.

Details remain sparse, including which Muni line was involved (likely the 27-Bryant or 47-Van Ness), but the SFPD is on the scene and the medical examiner arrived at 9:15, as Bay City News reports. There's no word yet as to the age or gender of the cyclist, but more details should arrive later.

This is the fourth cyclist fatality in the city this year, by our count, after 48-year-old Diane Diana Sullivan was struck by a cement truck near AT&T Park in February, 21-year-old Dylan Mitchell was run over by a Recology truck at 16th and South Van Ness in May, and the August death of Amelie Le Moullac near Sixth and Folsom after colliding with a semi truck. Le Moullac's death prompted to publish this list of cyclist deaths going back several years.

Update: It looks like the victim was male, and the bus was a 27-Bryant loaded with about three dozen passengers, none of whom were injured. The "dynamics" of the collision remain unknown. [Chron]