This morning's commute, tinged with a lack of BART due to the strike, saw crowded freeways and slightly more packed bus routes.

In an effort to ease the pain caused by management and unions chronic inability to agree on a contract, BART provided round-trip bus service from nine East Bay stations; however, according to SF Appeal, "tickets for the buses were already sold out by 7 a.m. at the Walnut Creek and West Oakland stations."

Also, Westbound state Highway 24 was messed to the Caldecott Tunnel, while I-80 was backed up to about San Pablo Dam Road. Over on the I-880m the ride was more sluggish than usual all the way to Highway 238. And the San Mateo-Hayward and Dumbarton bridges saw "heavier traffic than usual."

As for the ferries, service began earlier than usual. Rides were heavier than normal, but not by much. Overall, it seems like most commuters know the routine by now and/or decided to take a three-day weekend.

Also of note? You might not see as many union picketers at stations this morning as they're currently trying to shut down the Port of Oakland.

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