Chris Roberts, journalist for SF Examiner and SF Weekly, covered last night's BART strike with aplomb and zeal last night. Look no further than his Twitter feed for proof. Also, after a background cameo during a televised press conference, he grabbed national attention for his long locks of hair, becoming #ponytailguy.

Here's how it started:

Hair pulled back, glasses on face, mind on what's going on around him, eyes fixed on his feed. Classic Chris.

And then it begins:

Ask and ye shall receive:

And finally, our personal favorite: Roberts get the pizza cat face treatment. Because why not. Behold:

Another view:

The hashtag #ponytailguy caught fire last night, blowing up briefly on the local level and sparking slightly nationwide (spambots went into overdrive, as they're wont to do). Roberts himself jested that it was his "proudest moment."

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