Halloween is coming, and assorted ghouls, goblins, and Miley Cyruses will soon stalk the streets in search of blood. However, the scares this year will come from a different source: a new haunted house at Public Works has instituted a tech-sector theme to more effectively frighten people. On Wednesday, October 30th, expect to be terrorized by horrors of the tech industry with the cheeky Eerie SF: Haunted House & Carnival, which aims to take "all things scary about the influx of Bay Area start-ups" and make then even scarier with a tour of newly launched haunted and cursed start-up, Ghoulgle.com.

Resurrected from the dot-com crash in 2000, Ghoulgle.com is thriving and open again for business! Come and take a tour of the Ghoulgle.com headquarters! See the new internet businesses that are housed in the decayed superstudio style building, such as: undeadpet.com, youtomb.com, scream.com, mummingtonpost.com, oklucifer.com, etc.! Meet Mark Zombieberg and be the first to join his new social networking website---deadalive.com---the only place on the internet that connects the living with the dead! Witness a very special keynote, with Steve Jobs Back From the Dead!! Come and rub elbows (if they are not already rotted off) with the newest dead digitaris that are taking San Francisco's start-up scene by storm!

A "carnival of mayhem" will also be in the offing, featuring Halloween-themed debauchery like traditional carnival games with a dirty twist from the Lusty Lady ladies (including lap dances and pole tricks) and music by DJ Carnita, plus candy apples, caramel corn, burlesque shows and more. All in all, the event promises to be tongue-in-cheek good time, and the theme is certainly topical, especially with rent prices ballooning, commuter bus mayhem and generalized hysteria about the tech folk and their ilk. Happy Halloween!

Eerie San Francisco
October 30th,
Public Works, 7pm to 10pm
Tickets: $5-$15

[SF Appeal]