One of the hottest new restaurant openings of the season is over on Polk Street, at the intersection of Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and Pacific Heights, and it's name is 1760. It's a spinoff of long-lived formal Italian spot Acquerello, which is just a few blocks away, and the name refers just to the address, 1760 Polk.

The menu covers a lot of bases, and veers pretty far from the Italian stuff at Acquerello, with dishes like lobster ceviche with pineapple and coriander; crispy octopus with roasted peanuts, avocado, and potato; bucatini with uni, garlic, and breadcrumbs. It's all sophisticated food in a casual, boisterous setting, and the cocktails are pretty great too (we highly recommend the pear-ginger one with the Campari ice cube).

A highlight is the most street-food-esque item on the menu: the fried duck sandwich ($15). It's a sizable and rich dish, definitely shareable, and comes as a crisp-fried duck meat patty on a fluffy bun, topped with spicy aioli, slaw, and pickles — sort of an Asian take on the ever-popular fried chicken sandwich with slaw, which you can find multiple places around town but which originated with Bakesale Betty in Oakland.

It's indulgent, for sure, but pretty goddamn delicious, and would make for a fine meal on its own with a drink at the bar — though you'd be missing out on the dozen or so creative, rotating small plates on the rest of the menu, none of which are all that small.